Blitz For Beginners

Blitz For Beginners

by Samantha Coates


Blitz For Beginners

The best possible introduction to music theory. Blitz for Beginners introduces basic theory concepts in a logical sequence, and reinforces these concepts throughout the book with interesting worksheets and imaginative activities and games. Suitable for all ages and all instruments, it provides the perfect preparation for Grade 1 Theory or Grade 1 Musicianship.

Recommended For

This book is perfect for:

» music teachers
» music students
» parents of music students.

The most comprehensive and fun introduction to music book on the market.


Welcome to the easiest and most enjoyable introduction to theory. By the time you finish this book, you’ll be a real whizz at note and rhythm reading!

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BlitzBooks are available from all good music retailers as well as online.

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BlitzBooks is the only music book series to be supported by hundreds of free online resources and downloads.

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