Blitz for Beginners - a great way to start

Blitz for BeginnersBlitz for Beginners introduces basic theory concepts in a logical sequence, and reinforces these concepts throughout the book with interesting worksheets and imaginative activities and games. It is age-neutral and provides the perfect preparation for Grade 1 Theory or Grade 1 Musicianship.

Blitz for Beginners is delighting adults and children all over the country. It's the perfect introduction to music theory.



BlitzBooks® Workbooks - Making Theory and Musicianship FUN!

Theory Workbooks Cover ShotsMusicianship Workbook Cover ShotsThe unique feature of the 'How to Blitz' series is the conversational and informal style of the worksheets. Students are put at ease and find working through the texts an enjoyable experience.

The workbooks are set out in a fun and easy-to-use format. Each concept is covered by step-by-step worksheets which ensure maximum understanding and minimum errors.

The multiple-choice section shows up silly (and not so silly!) mistakes in an amusing and appealing way. There is also a 'mock' Test Paper at the end of each book which is already completed, in which students must try to find all the mistakes! This teaches valuable proof-reading skills and provides a great way to help students understand how to check their work.


Teacher Guides

Theory Teacher Guide Cover ShotsMusicianship Teacher Guide Cover ShotsEach workbook is accompanied by a comprehensive teacher guide. The teacher guide states the objective for each worksheet and lists the key phrases/missing words. There is also a detailed comments section, which discusses the intricacies of teaching the concepts covered on each worksheet. It lists common mistakes made by students and variations of acceptable answers in the exam.
Other features of the Teacher Guide include a 14-week 'Preparation Guide' for the period leading up to the exam, information on trends of the AMEB exams in recent series, and a 'marked' version of the Test Paper from the workbook.

Answer Books

Theory Answer Books Cover ShotsMusicianship Answer Book Cover ShotsEach workbook has an accompanying Answer Book, featuring replicas of the workbook pages with answers filled in.
This is an ideal resource for students and parents wishing to check answers at home, or for teachers of groups looking to provide their students with a way to check their own work during the lesson.

It must be remembered that whilst answer books are a very useful tool, only one possible answer can be shown in the book. You may need to check with your teacher from time to time to see if your answers are simply a variation of a correct answer.