How to Blitz Sight Reading Book 3

How to Blitz Sight Reading Book 3

by Samantha Coates


How to Blitz Sight Reading Book 3

Never before has there been an interactive and exciting book that actually makes students WANT to sight-read! There are 5 levels, each with 5 sections to complete. By the end of level 20 students will be sight-reading at Grade 5 standard for most piano syllabuses. But the most important thing is that students will have FUN along the way! This book also includes a new range of confectionery stickers, challenging rhythmic exercises and an introduction to transposition.

Recommended For

How to Blitz! Sight Reading is suitable for pianists doing Grade 5.

About Book 3

It doesn’t matter whether you are doing piano exams or just playing for pleasure, sight reading is an extremely important part of being a pianist.

This book is ideally suited to students who have completed Sight Reading Books 1 and 2 (levels 1-15).

If you are 'jumping in' at Level 16, you might want to go over a few things with your teacher such as basic chord positions and rhythm clapping, if you haven’t done those very much.

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